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Selecting a Merchant Account

Thu, 05 Jan 2006 00:00:00 EST
Shopping for a merchant account is a confusing and difficult process. And, unfortunately, many merchants do themselves not a big favor by going shopping without first understanding what they are really shopping for.


Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:11:08 +0000
Moniker Online Services, LLC (www.moniker.com) is a leading provider of domain name registration, management, and monetization services for individuals and businesses that wish to have a unique address and branded identity on the Internet. Domain names serve as part of the infrastructure for Internet communications, including Web sites, email, audio, video and telephony.
As one of ...]

Host Color has also introduced ColorSEO, a service that saves its customers hundreds of dollars for site optimization and SEO services providing them with a free consultation and step by step SEO guide.

Ixwebhosting unlimited web space

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 08:39:59 +0000
It might not make sense on the price time hearing this, unlimited web space on your ixwebhosting plan. Ixwebhosting had upgraded their shared hosting plans, and now all three hosting packages come with unlimited web space: expert plan, business plus, unlimited pro.
Not only unlimited web space, its also unlimited monthly bandwidth. Previously, only the highest ...]

Here's how I believe you could roughly rank AMD processors (from best to weakest):

Catering to Niche Markets

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 00:00:00 EST
By creating "communities of interest," hosting resellers can cater to niche markets by attracting consumers who are interested in their customers' products and services.

Plesk, Virtuozzo, PEM, HSPcomplete and SiteBuilder by SWsoft

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 00:00:00 EST
SWsoft is the recognized leader in automation and server virtualization software for Web hosting companies, communications providers and enterprises. SWsoft's products deliver industry-leading performance, stability and manageability.

We have avoided repetitions of any sort in the matter on transfer. However, if you do come across any repetitions, do bear with us.

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Everything about resell webhosting

Thoughts about resell webhosting

Another one to avoid - Alwayswebhosting review

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 02:41:47 +0000
Unfortunately here’s another web host to avoid post. Last year I was attracted to a special intro offer from the folks at alwayswebhosting. Well the first year pricing was fine but obvioulsy yhe hook was the pricing after the first year.
But that was not the biggest problem with their hosting.
With any SEO web hosting account ...]

Linux Penguin

Why do so many website builders use Linux web hosting? My guess for this preference in operating systems would be: stability. Linux is perhaps the most stable operating system in the world.

Amazon Site Sees Costly Downtime

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:00:00 EST
June 6, 2008 -- ( <http://www.thewhir.com> WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Several hours of downtime experienced Friday might have cost Internet retail giant Amazon millions in lost sales.

October 2006

Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:22:15 -0400
Web Host Industry Review Magazine - October 2006Table of Contents

Interview: Doug Erwin

Classroom Hosting

Online Learning

On-the-Job Training


Legal Q&A

AIT Revamps Template Store

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 04:29:32 +0000
News:Offers a ‘Business in a Bundle’ plan with four new web design bundles and a variety of features.Read full story

More web hosting reviews

Tue, 30 Nov 1999 00:00:00 +0000
Our web hosting reviews provides one extra SEO style piece of information. Based on our research we try to provide you with an accurate IP address for your hosting account.
When you are looking for SEO web hosting you must get this information in advance if it is possible. We have dealt with many companies over ...]

Original post blogged on b2evolution.

resell webhosting Items For Viewing

Lunarpages was founded in the summer of 2000 when Add2Net Corporation expanded
its hosting offerings to include shared hosting. Lunarpages offers ASP,
E-Commerce, FrontPage, and Budget solutions using the Linux operating system.

Lunarpages offers two high featured hosting plans starting at $7.95 per month.
From the start, our Independent Review Panel was pleased with both the amount of
Web space and the amount of monthly Data Transfer, which are well above the
industry average.

Both plans are packed with features. MySQL databases, FrontPage Extensions, PHP,
Python, Perl, CGI-BIN, SSI, Flash, Shockwave, Windows and Real Media, and more,
are standard for both plans, while the more expensive plan comes with a few
extra e-commerce options. Both plans also offer free domain names for life. As
long as you host with Lunarpages your domain name is free (1 free domain name
for the Basic plan and 4 free for the Business plan)

Lunarpages uses cPanel for their control panel solution. To increase cPanel's
functionality, Lunarpages includes the Fantastico Script Library plug-ins. At
the time of this review, Fantastico adds more than 30 features including
Geeklog, PHPList, MasterFlex, PHPauction, Nucleus, Coppermine Photo Gallery, and

Previously, Lunarpages offered a Web building tool that you could use to build
one Web page, but needed to upgrade for a nominal fee if you wanted to build a
full Web site. Our Independent Review Panel liked the idea of including a Site
Builder; however they disagreed with charging extra for what other Web Hosts
include for free. Recently, Lunarpages has dropped the upgrade fees and now
allow their customers full use of the Soho Web Site Builder tool.

Lunarpages offers multiple ways of contacting their Support staff. Toll-free
phone support is offered during business hours while forums and email support
are answered 24/7. Lunarpages is conscientious when it comes to answering their
support calls. Their support department has a call queue display to help the
support team maintain the phone lines in a more professional manner. All of our
email and calls were answered quickly and accurately by s professional and
courteous staff.

If you are not fully satisfied with your hosting solution, Lunarpages offers a
30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Lunarpages waves the setup fee if you pay for a twelve month hosting contract.
Otherwise you must pay the fee, which our Independent Review Panel thought was a
little bit steep. Also if you want the lower end hosting plan you need to
purchase a three month contract.


Lunarpages offers very good Unix hosting with all the bells and whistles you'd
expect in a more expensive Host. Their hosting solutions carry plenty of Web
Space and Data Transfer, while their support is quick and knowledgeable. If you
are looking for a Unix Host, check out Lunarpages.


Lots of Web Space � Lots of Data Transfer � Lots of Features � Toll-Free phone
support � 24/7 email support � Forum Support � Fast, Courteous Support � No
Questions Asked 30-day Money back Guarantee


Some of Site Builder Tool's Functionality Costs Extra � Expensive Setup Fees

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

Writing about resell webhosting was indeed a spontaneous decision on my part. I solemnly hope that this was a wise decision that I had made.

HP Ink Cartridges - Abacus24-7
Cambridge SoundWorks

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A Featured domain and web hosting Article

Headlines on domain and web hosting

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Ratings List

Mon, 04 Dec 2006 03:07:04 -0500
Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Ratings List

An independent virtual private server web hosting rating list of the price and features of the top virtual private server web hosting companies. Each vps web hosting provider on the vps rating list allows you to compare the price and features.

read more

Take the Senior Systems Engineer Challenge (and Win a Dream Job)

Sat, 02 Jun 2007 11:04:58 +0000
Do you live and breathe systems administration… both literally and metaphorically? If so, we have some great news: you could be the next Senior Systems Engineer at Site5. No, really. You could–the job can be done from anywhere, so long as you have a computer and reliable Internet.
What, specifically, does the world-renowned ...]

Blacksburg, Virginia - (Website Hosting Directory) - June 3, 2008 - Managed web hosting and IT services firm, Rackspace Managed Hosting’s Mailtrust solution, has deployed the Cloudmark Authority for Spam Protection.

Mailtrust, a division of Rackspace, provides more than 100,000 small, medium, and geographically dispersed companies with business-class email hosting. The company manages and maintains the email service and hosting infrastructure, freeing up IT resources and eliminating the need for customers to purchase email-related hardware, software, and security services. The company’s mission critical email systems are housed in Rackspace’s carrier-grade data centers to help ensure uptime. Founded in 1999, and acquired by Rackspace in 2007, Mailtrust is headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia and was recently named the 217th fastest growing, privately held company in America by Inc. Magazine.

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)... amazing music + terrible politics?

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 19:06:01 -0400

Let's be honest: I love Pink Floyd's old music (Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall etc) & I had the amazing privilege of having floor seats to his performance at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday Sept 12th!

To hear Roger Waters play his old Pink Floyd music is a dream come true for a fan like me. Knowing that he has recently released new music, my sole hope for this concert was that he'd play old music and none of his new music.

I was relieved to read in the pamphlet (which was placed on my seat) that the line-up for the night was 2 sets - the first set being a random assortment of old Pink Floyd music and the second being Dark Side Of The Moon in it's entirety with the original Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason!

The show started off amazingly, the music was amazing, the crowd was amazing and the song selection was amazing. Then Roger decided to let us know he'd be playing a new song "leaving Beirut" the song was literally just a musical version of a comic strip he wrote]... ok.... the words are obviously political and slanted... then comes "Oh George! Oh George! That Texas education must have f***d you up when you were very small" WHAT?

At that point I was furious... the song ended with half of Madison Square Garden booing Roger Waters. Politics aside, no one is paying to hear Roger Waters' political views or propaganda - everyone at MSG was there to hear his old Pink Floyd music, period.

The show progresses and during a lot of negative words/parts of songs, ("All that you hate"... "All that you distrust" etc) big pictures of President Bush were shown. Once again, politics aside, no one purchased Roger Waters tickets to hear his political views.

There is a reason that these people are musicians and not politicians. Musicians like him are simply abusing the fact that people like their music to portray their agendas and views.

I still love Roger Waters' old work & the Pink Floyd music, but boy do I hate the fact that he thinks he can use it to push a political agenda.

The story goes that the concept for "The Wall" came to Roger after he spit in the face of an unruly fan... perhaps it's time that the fans start spitting back.

Thus a web hosting site that pretends that all is well until they become successful would be possibly leaving themselves open to a hacker.

Reseller plans are located on this link:

Geek of the Week

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 04:06:05 +0000
Congratulations to this weeks geek Rinko. This weeks questions are…
1.  Who is this character and what show are they on?
2.  Who is this character and what show are they on?
3.  Who is this character and what show are they on?
4.  Who is this character and what show are they on?
5.  Who is this character and what show are they on?
Managed ...]

domain and web hosting Products we recommend

Website hosting nowsadays is very competitive. Many web hosting companies offer
tonnes of features at very competitive prices. With so many choices in mind, how
do you choose the right host? I have tried many hosts over the years and finally
landed on one that I feel has the most complete features that I need at the best
possible price, ie BlueHost.


BlueHost provides hosting features that surpass the needs of large commercial

10 Gigabyte Hosting Space

Host 6 Domains on 1 Account!!!

2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts

250 GIGS of Transfer

SSL, FTP, Stats


2000/2002/2003 Front Page Extensions

Free Domain Forever!

Superb/Responsive Support Engineers

Reliability and Performance

So far, I have no problems with the speed and reliability of the server. Most of
my sites hosted by them were never down. If you have google toolbar installed,
just take a look at their page rank. BlueHost.com has a page rank of 8 which is
rare for a web hosting company. This just shows how popular they are in the web.
If you look at their awards page, you will realized that they have a long
history of awards. This is a plus point because it shows that they care about
their customers and more importantly, their performance is consistent.


They have a good support section in the website. Based on my experience, most of
their emails are answered within 2 working days. Though not the fastest around,
their replies are honest and professional. Some hosts will answer you in such a
way that you need to pay them more money to get your problems solved.


In conclusion, BlueHost offers quality and reliable hosting for $6.95 a month
with no hidden charges. With generous disk space and bandwidth, it is unlikely
that you will exceed the quota every month. The many good reviews of BlueHost in
the web speaks for itself.

Click Here to go to BlueHost website.

We had thought that producing some matter on domain and web hosting would be an impossibility. However, once we started, there was no turning back.

Gorilla Mobile

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host gator php resources

host gator php Items For Viewing

anhosting.com offers two distinct shared web hosting plans, the Mega-Plan, and
the Mega-Plan Plus web hosting plan. The Mega-Plan is offered at $6.95/month and
the Mega-Plan Plus is offered at $9.95/month. The discount for both plans are
based on a 1-year contract. Both plans also provide the user with a free domain
for life, in addition to a $50 Yahoo ad credit, $25 Google ad credit, $25
enhance search credit and a $20 search 1-2-3 credit. Both plans are backed by a
30-day money back guarantee, in addition to a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As a
member of the BBBOnline reliability program, the client is assured that the
99.9% server uptime has been monitored on a regular basis and has been deemed to
meet all of the stringent criteria of the program.

Click Here to go to

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personal web server web sites

Defination of personal web server

Hands on Cpanel 11

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 19:09:11 +0000
I have had the opportunity to use Cpanel 11 from September, and my ranking of the Linux/Apache hosting control panel is quite high. I had to wait this long on the advice of my server management company, to upgrade to the most stable version of Cpanel 11.
The first and most striking impression is the ...]

April/May 2005

Tue, 12 Apr 2005 12:26:44 -0400

Web Host Industry Review Magazine - April/May 2005Table of Contents

Alliances Reshape Hosting

UK Housing Crunch

Remixing the Data Center

HIPPA Deadline Looms

Anti-Phishing Work Group

Under the Hood at NASCAR

Managed Web Hosting

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:05:27 +0000
The term managed web hosting typically refers to a dedicated server that is fully managed by the web hosting provider.
If you have a large and complex website that receives a lot of traffic you may find you’re your shared hosting plan is limiting your growth and the capacity to serve your customers. It may be ...]

Is this sad or what?

Today`s suggestion:

Lunarpages.com Web hosting was born from Add2Net in 2000, and this company
continues to be managed by Ron Riddle and has never been traded or compromised
since its �humble beginnings.� Several years ago, Ron and the company branched
out from simple shared hosting to include Windows, Dedicated, Reseller, and most
recently, VPS Hosting Plans.

With three datacenters (Los Angeles CA, Riverside CA and one in Las Vegas,
Nevada), an optimized call center in La Habra, California, and several satellite
technicians in various parts of the United States, Lunarpages.com boasts that
they�re the premier web host in the world, hosting over 150,000 satisfied
customers with more than 100 staff members worldwide. They state that, �We truly
love what we do and have never compromised our security, management, pricing, or
services, while constantly remaining competitive to the industry�s ever-changing


Lunarpages.com offers customers a variety of packages that range from very
simple hosting solutions to dedicated servers. One offer, the LPQuicksite
Hosting, includes 30 minutes per month of design consultation & maintenance, and
a site that goes up within two hours. The site is built from a template with a
domain name that they provide for customers. Lunarpages.com does provide some
interesting features, such as discounts for transferring Web pages from another
server, and free Web hosting for educational purposes to all K-12 public schools
in the U.S.

Lunarpages.com offers three operating systems for our Windows Hosting Plans.
These systems are recommended when you need to run ASP.NET applications or
scripts, MS SQL databases and server specifications, or Microsoft Exchange
Servers. They also offer Linux Dedicated Hosting Packages.

Reliability & Reputation

LA�s One Wilshire has become the premier communications hub on the Pacific Coast
and houses most of the world�s most powerful networks in 656,000 square feet of
prime data center real estate. With cooling to support up to 150 Watts per
square foot, redundant AC/DC UPS power, generator-backed power of up to 150
Watts per square foot, managed fire detection and suppression equipment, simply
having your severs stored in One Wilshire nearly speaks for itself.
Lunarpages.com�s knowledgeable technicians are at the top of their field and on
site 24 hours per day, 7 days/week, 365 days per year to make sure your
Dedicated Server is running smoothly.


Lunarpages.com accepts but does not encourage checks and/or money orders. They
prefer credit cards so that your service can remain uninterrupted. Otherwise, a
lost check in the mail could interrupt your service and cost additional fees.
Lunarpages.com will automatically charge any credit card on file so that your
service isn�t interrupted.


Lunarpages.com�s dedicated staff includes more than 120 professionals who are
instantly willing to assist you with any questions or concerns Customers can use
their Lunarpages accounts, try the FAQs, or the Lunarpages.com�s forums. They
claim that over 40,000 Webmasters use their forums and can help answer your
questions. Lunarpages.com also provides Flash-based online tutorials. You can
talk directly to staff members regarding billing, sales, or support, and you can
open a support ticket online.

* Applications Available: b2evolution, Cube Cart, Fantastico, Gallery,
Macromedia Shockwave, osCommerce, PHPAuction, phpFormGenerator, Wiki, WordPress,
Zen Cart

* Capabilities: Blog, Domain Registration, E-Commerce, E-mail, Forum, FrontPage
Extensions, Multi-Domain Support, Real Media, SSH, Streaming Audio, Streaming

* Control Panel(s): cPanel

* Database Support: MySQL, PostreSQL

* Framework/Language Support: AJAX, Apache, ASP, CGI, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python,
Ruby on Rails, SSI

* Operating System(s): Linux, Windows

* Server Type(s): Dedicated, Reseller, Shared, SSL Secure Server, VPS

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

This is our humble presentation on personal web server. Your reading it will add the necessary weightage to the presentation.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)
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